21 st
February 2017

80 years since the foundation of ElectronicPartner

At the beginning of this year ElectronicPartner looks back at an important date. On the 18th of January 1937 Karl Friedrich Haubrich registered the ‘Radio and Electro wholesale Karl Fr. Haubrich’. His sons Edgar and Hartmut Haubrich joined the family business in 1958 respectively…

14 th
February 2017

Consumer electronics industry is taking over Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, as we know it, is the day people want to celebrate their affections and love for others. Flowers and chocolate have been the first choice for a long time, however the shopping behavior has changed. Flowers dry out after a few days and chocolate usually lasts even…

31 st
January 2017

E-Square celebrates it’s 5th year Anniversary

Five years ago, E-Square was formed when ElectronicPartner International (EPI) and Electronic & Domestic Appliances (EDA) decided to merge into a top-5 European retail group.  In 5 short years, E-Square has developed into one of the most reliable and trusted international retail…

17 th
January 2017

The trends and novelties of the CES 2017

The year 2017 started traditionally with the biggest consumer electronics trade fair in the world, the CES in Las Vegas. More than 3.800 exhibitors have introduced their innovative products on a space of 2,6 million square feet meters (approx. 230 000 square meters). Over 175,000…

12 th
January 2017

WhiteAway Group continues to grow

Denmark’s leading white goods group has just announced the annual accounts for 2016 and yet again WhiteAway Group is able to present a strong growth and a positive bottom line. The year has been characterized by international expansion and investments in Norway and Sweden.

31 st
December 2016

E-Square wishes you a Happy New Year

Another successful year is at its end and we in E-Square would like to take this moment to take a look back at the year 2016.


This year was marked with significant changes within the E-Square headquarters. Nadine Weiden, our Manager International Communication has left the…

24 th
December 2016

Dear Santa, Weihnachtsmann, Julenisser, Reyes Magos, Kerstman and Swiety Mikolaj, this year I wish for…

Christmas is about traditions, love, and family and nevertheless presents. It is truly the time that all shops are full and people slowly become claustrophobic by the masses pushing one to the counter. In no other month do products sell more than in December.


Because each…

20 th
December 2016

The MEDIMAX shops in Hamburg serve 'More than one warm meal'

Another year is almost at the end and many think about the celebrations that are about to come; being at home with friends and families, the baking of Christmas cookies, the festive meal and unwrapping of presents. It is the time of joy and happiness. It is also the time of the…

16 th
December 2016

Annual MDA & SDA strategy meeting in the EP Germany offices, Düsseldorf

On December 1st, E-Square hosted a one-day workshop focused on MDA & SDA supplier planning and strategy. The members attending were from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the UK, who make up the majority of the MDA & SDA purchasing for the group.



30 th
November 2016

EP: Austria presents its strategy for 2017 at their annual Kick-Off

The General Manager Michael Hofer and the Managing Director Jörn Gellermann welcomed partners and suppliers at the Perchtoldsdorf castle in Austria with a strong and clear message. The company continues to grow, retains great practices and has important future strategic plans. In…