Stable business for ElectronicPartner in 2015

29 th
February 2016

ElectronicPartner is satisfied with the 2015 result.  With a total of 1.570 bn Euro the central purchase volume in the core market in Germany decreased slightly in comparison to the previous year. This decrease relates to the handover of the mobile phone business to Sparhandy in August last year.


"The year before was very strong due to business accelerators such as the soccer world cup. We are very proud that the EP:branded retailers were able to grow further, especially as this sales channel shows a decline of around five percent in technical consumer goods as shown by GFK. This proves that our concept with the quality offensive is successful and that specialist retailers with the right positioning are best prepared for the future," comments Karl Trautmann, Managing Director at ElectronicPartner.


Internationally, the two largest subsidiaries Netherlands and Austria continue their growth rate, while the Swiss subsidiary suffers from the strong currency. The smallest subsidiary in Belgium has not reached previous year's level. The European business of ElectronicPartner amounts to a central purchase volume of 388 mio. Euro and a growth of 2.6 percent. In total, the group result amounts to 1.958 bn Euro which means a  two-percent decline.