E-Square celebrates its 10th anniversary

30 th
November 2022

On the occasion of E-Square’s tenth anniversary, the Annual Meeting of all members and important industrial partners took place on 8 November 2022 in front of a special backdrop in Hampshire, England.


With 20 members in 15 countries and around 13,500 affiliated retailers, E-Square is one of the world's largest consumer electronics retail networks. At E-Square, entrepreneurs from Portugal to Kazakhstan benefit from comprehensive insights into different markets and retail formats through intensive cooperation. The network was launched in 2012: "The best ideas are often born in small groups. In this case, Karl Trautmann and Jörn Gellermann from Electronic Partner and I sat together in a restaurant at Frankfurt Airport and had a common vision. Today we see that this idea has become reality and we know it was the right move." says Paul Tyson, Managing Director of E-Square. This first step was to combine Electronic Partner International and Electronic & Domestic Appliances (EDA) to form the European interest grouping E-Square. At the beginning, ten companies from nine countries were on board. To date, the number of members has doubled and the network has spread across large parts of Europe. It consists of specialist retailers, large-scale stores, pure online retailers as well as omnichannel providers.


"Our goal is to strengthen trade, discover trends, collaborate across borders and learn from each other," explains Paul Tyson. The E-Square members regularly exchange ideas – to establish sustainable, successful partnerships with international supplier partners. Tyson continues: "Of course we are a commercial organization, but we are primarily interested in learning from each other: knowledge transfer, exchange of experience and personal contacts are what counts. This is difficult to measure at first, but as we know after ten years of experience, invaluable. We want to continue to work together on this in the coming years."


Caption For the anniversary celebration, the location of the well-known television series "Downton Abbey" was chosen.