10 years of E-Square – a success story made in Europe

03 rd
October 2022

Brussels, 3 October 2022 – With 20 members in 16 countries and around 13,500 connected dealers, E-Square is one of the world's largest networks for consumer electronics. Through intensive collaboration, business owners from Portugal to Kazakhstan benefit from extensive insight into different markets and retail formats. The group has been operating successfully for ten years now.


“Often, the best ideas emerge from small chats. In this case, I was sitting in a bar at Frankfurt Airport with Karl Trautmann and Jörn Gellermann from ElectronicPartner, and we had a shared vision. Today, we can see that it has come to fruition, and we know it was the right step to take,” relates Paul Tyson, Managing Director of E-Square. Back in 2012, that first step was to merge ElectronicPartner International and Electronic & Domestic Appliances (EDA) to form the European interest group E-Square. Ten companies from nine countries were on board. Since then, the number of members has doubled, and the network has spread across large parts of Europe. It consists of shop-based specialist retailers, superstores, online-only retailers and omnichannel providers.


“Our aim is to boost retail, discover trends, cooperate across borders and learn from each other,” explains Paul Tyson. The E-Square members engage with each other on a regular basis, including to build up lasting and successful partnerships with international supply partners. Particularly in the last two and a half years, with the numerous challenges triggered by the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine, E-Square members have benefited from this intensive dialogue. They have always been in receipt of important information on the current situation in other countries, enabling them to adapt quickly to new developments. Of course, the Ukrainian member Comfy remains a special focus of attention, receiving the best possible support from E-Square.


Paul Tyson goes on to say, “Obviously we are a commercial organisation however what matters as much is the learning, knowledge transfer, sharing of best practice and working closely with our international supplier partners to deliver the very best experience for our customers, now and in the years to come.”