E-Square enters partnership with Italian e-Commerce Retailer ePRICE.

11 th
December 2018

Brussels /  Milan,  December,  2018  --  E-Square, the international retail group is pleased to announce the addition of the e-Commerce Retailer ePRICE as its newest member in Italy.

ePRICE  is  the  number  one  Italian  e-Commerce  company,  selling  millions  of  products  every  year, offering its customers the convenience of buying online with the opportunity to choose among many delivery, installation and payment options. ePRICE has a catalogue of more than 1 million different products  and  thousands  of  additional  special  offers  from  the  vendors  who  use  its  third-party marketplace. 

“With a leading position in the Italian online market and a special focus on appliances and high tech products, ePRICE will be a fantastic addition to E-Square.” states Paul Tyson, Managing Director of ESquare.  “We  look  forward  to  having  a  company  on  the  cutting-edge  of  online  retail.   We  believe  ePRICE is well-positioned to be one of the winners of the future as online purchases continue to grow in the Italian market.”

Raul  Stella,  Managing  Director  of  ePRICE  Operations adds:   “ePRICE  was  the  1st  online  retailer  for consumer electronics in the Italian market. For most of our history we’ve developed and grown by ourselves.   Now  we  have  the  opportunity  to  share  our  e-commerce  experience  with  E-Square’s Omni-channel retailers and to grow and learn even more from our association with E-Square.”

The partnership between E-Square and ePRICE will take effect on 1 January 2019.