Telering launches customer orientation platform Kliq

07 th
January 2016

UHD, 4k, 8k? Smart washing? Multiroom wireless audio systems? Home technology offers many features to make people’s lives smarter and more comfortable while the internet offers a huge amount of information on these technologies.

To assist customers in their journey, Telering has launched “Kliq” a new online platform explaining technology and its advantages to consumers. With a much better idea about what they want and what they need customers can then find their closest Telering retailer to actually buy the product and profit from additional services such as delivery or installation.


The platform is part of the new marketing campaign according to Franz Schnur, Managing Director of Telering. In addition, the platform aims at making consumers aware of the services of the Telering retailers: “At the Telering stores customers get high quality products, competent advice and best service before during and after the purchase. However, when looking for technological products customers first take a look at the internet. Information from suppliers promoting their products, customer reviews, websites, blogs and many more is quite overwhelming to most people. Processing that information and finding out what they really need is almost impossible. This is the real advantage of a specialist retailer and therefore we know offer information both online and offline. Getting information online helps customers to narrow down their choice and the actual purchase happens in a Telering store with targeted advice from a specialist.”