80 years since the foundation of ElectronicPartner

21 st
February 2017

At the beginning of this year ElectronicPartner looks back at an important date. On the 18th of January 1937 Karl Friedrich Haubrich registered the ‘Radio and Electro wholesale Karl Fr. Haubrich’. His sons Edgar and Hartmut Haubrich joined the family business in 1958 respectively in 1970 and developed the buying group ElectronicPartner. Still today both of them are closely connected to the corporation. For instance Hartmut Haubrich is the head of the advisory board. Michael Haubrich, grandson of the company’s founder and member of the ElectronicPartner management board, represents the interests of the founding family in today’s operational business.


‘ElectronicPartner is embossed through exciting contrasts: We have our roots as a family business in Düsseldorf, however we are in a close partnership with 16 other countries. We combine the strength of the stationary trade with the fast growing online business’, describes Karl Trautmann, Management board member of ElectronicPartner, the current status of the corporation. ‘Our recipe for success is to take changes as an opportunity and to further develop ourselves as well as the retail concept.’


In the recent years the corporation has successfully emerged on new journeys. ElectronicPartner has acquired the majority of the SH Telekommunikation Deutschland GmbH (in the past known as ‘Sparhandy’), integrated ten former ProMarkt retails in the MEDIMAX concept anddeveloped a new and successful strategy for the international business by being one of the founders of E-Square.


‘We are moving through an extremely fast moving environment. Especially recently we have proved that even after 80 years we are able to adjust particularly well to the market conditions and therefore are a responsible and successful partner to our members and industry partners. Despite profound industry changes many of our business relationships remain stable and long-lasting – which would not be the case without mutual confidence’, recognises Karl Trautmann the collaboration with the partners of the cooperation.