Consumer electronics industry is taking over Valentine’s Day

14 th
February 2017

Valentine’s Day, as we know it, is the day people want to celebrate their affections and love for others. Flowers and chocolate have been the first choice for a long time, however the shopping behavior has changed. Flowers dry out after a few days and chocolate usually lasts even a shorter period of time. Perhaps consumers shifted to presents that would last longer as a romantic metaphor for long lasting love. Fact is that this holiday is very profitable for the consumer electronics industry. Every category offers a variety of products that not only make a great gesture but will improve the life of your loved ones.



The small domestic appliances category has many products to offer, that are perfect and useful Valentine’s Day present. For the non morning person close to you, a great new coffee machine is an absolute jackpot. To stop the discussions about who does the cleaning a self working vacuum cleaner can ensure a long-lasting romance (under the condition cleaning is the only problem). People tend to be more and more aware of a healthy lifestyle, so sport wearables are a great idea of a small and practical present.



Sometimes gestures do not have to be small, for example a great way to celebrate is with a new steam oven and a homemade dinner. You should be well prepared for your date, so fresh up your suit in one of the newest generation washing machines with a refreshing program with steam.



For a romantic picnic in the park, wireless speakers are the perfect gadget to have ready. If there is a need for something bigger a new TV can do the magic trick. Equipped with Ultra HD Premium romantic comedies have never had a better visual and audio quality.



Music has always played an important role within our society. With a present like wireless headphones your loved ones won’t ever be stuck in cables whilst they are dancing. Headphones are nowadays not only providing a great sound and free space, they have also become a great accessory and can be customized to create a personalized look.



Capturing the moments is nowadays almost as much important as actually living through them. Small compact cameras are offering high quality features, with them anyone can become a professional photographer. Polaroids are back and a great present to give for Valentine’s Day, however if someone prefers a more digital approach, the industry offers small portable printers, that can be connected to other devices, like smart phones, through Bluetooth. It makes printing out the favorite moments even easier, whilst keeping a digital version to share with friends.



The environmental friendly E-book reader is the perfect present for someone who cannot get enough of reading and wants to take a whole library for a holiday. For the affordable price it offers its users almost unlimited books that can be purchased for a significantly lower price than hard copies.


Home entertainment

The ultimate gadget nowadays would be a smart home speaker. It becomes your own personal assistant, plays music, writes shopping lists and controls smart home devices making it the perfect help for your household.


This article is offering a small look at the different products the consumer electronics industry has to offer to someone looking for a perfect present for Valentine’s Day. These products shown above have become a great alternative to the more traditional presents. Retailers will definitely enjoy this holiday as much as the consumers, because the way to someone’s heart is now through affordable, cool, useful and fun gadgets.