The trends and novelties of the CES 2017

17 th
January 2017

The year 2017 started traditionally with the biggest consumer electronics trade fair in the world, the CES in Las Vegas. More than 3.800 exhibitors have introduced their innovative products on a space of 2,6 million square feet meters (approx. 230 000 square meters). Over 175,000 people have visited the premises to see the newest trends within the market. The E-Square headquarter team members Paul Tyson, Eric Millar and Oliver Richter were three of them. From the 5th to the 8th of January the E-Square team has gained insight on the newest market trends and met with various international suppliers. ‘Being present at the CES is very important for the E-Square Group. We need to understand our market and see its direction’, comments Paul Tyson, Managing director E-Square.


So what were this year’s biggest trends and newest innovations? On its 50 years anniversary, the CES did not surprise the world with a particular revolutionary innovation; moreover, it has stated that the year of 2017 is the year of brining people and technology much closer together.


The internet of things

 The gap between technology and practice has become smaller. This year’s CES has presented an enormous amount of products that can be linked with technology. From hair brushes, that control your way of brushing, to smart toothbrushes that encourage children to play video games and compete in brushing against others, the industry clearly states one thing: It wants to be part of the whole cycle of life. The connectivity of household products with technology has been brought to a complete new level, which will bring an enormous improvement to our lives.


Smaller and thinner

By now 4K TV’s are the standard and if you are looking for anything lower than that the CES is not the place to look for it. Quite the opposite, with only 3mm the ‘LG Signature W’ has become the world record breaking slimmest TV screen. The poster like TV was not the only slim product introduced. ‘Motiv Ring’ has taken the fitness tracker and changed them in to a small fashionable ring. The gaming sector has also gained an innovative, small and compact product. Razer has introduced its newest gaming laptop ‘Valerie’. This laptop’s main features are the two additional screens that can be easily opened from the sides. Three screens are very popular amongst gamers, as it enables a better visual experience and multitasking. The portable laptop with less than 12 pounds is going to change the gaming industry.



The car manufacturers have given a strong performance at the CES. Brands like Ford, VW and Toyota have introduced car models with speaking assistants. Ford has also brought its latest edition of ‘Fusion Hybrid’, the self driving car. Toyota’s ‘Concept-i’ is the car that has a speaking assistant not only ready to listen to your command but also enable to remember your preferences on light, heat and others. BMW has introduced the ‘Holo Active Touch’, which enables the driver to gesture commands instead of needing to touch the cockpit, which should ensure a safer driving method.


Gadget you need or not?

Perhaps you need them, perhaps not. Gadgets and start ups take up a great amount of space at the CES. Amongst them was the dog collar that detects the mood of your dog and sends out help messages once lost. The limitless USB stick ‘Seed-Up’, which saves your encrypted DATA to the cloud, has become one of the top innovations presented. Another interesting gadget was the ‘selfie drone’ that follows you and takes your photographs automatically if you like and helps you get rid of the ‘selfie’ stick.


The year 2016 was the year of virtual reality; the year 2017 will be the year of autonomy and creating a bigger synergy between people and technology.